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Our massage therapists are fully licensed LMT's

We are the Anchorage Alaska Massage Therapists and Myofascial Therapists that patients see for both chronic and acute pain. We are one of the foremost Massage Therapy Clinics for muscle therapy care in Anchorage Alaska. Our highly trained, medical grade Licensed Massage Therapists offer a wide range of Massage Therapy Techniques such as Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage, Effleurage and Tapotement.

Most insurances pay for these therapies and we are happy to bill them for you, thus reducing your out of pocket costs!

If you suffer from neck pain, low back pain, tension headaches, migraine headaches, or sciatic type leg pain, our Myofascial Release, Massage Therapy and Trigger Point treatments can alleviate these problems in people of all ages.

Services Offered:

  • Massage therapy
  • Myofascial Release
  • Swedish Massage
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Deep Tissue
Get Some Rest and Relaxation at an Anchorage Massage Therapy Service

In our fast paced world, we need mental and physical relief from anxiety and muscle tension. The little daily stresses take their toll, and make it hard to go out and face the next morning without a little time spent in a calm, refreshing experience. Your discomfort and clenched, exhausted muscles can be kneaded away with a professional Anchorage Massage Therapy Service, and the experience can relieve mental strain as well. The qualified massage therapist from the Anchorage Massage Therapy Service will ease your stress away with a massage that is suited to address your specific concerns, such as tired feet, tired shoulders or a body massage.

Stress can have big impact on your physical health. Stress causes anger, depression and frustration, giving rise to health conditions such as severe unexplained headaches, insomnia, ulcers, rashes, high blood pressure and even stroke. It is very important to regularly de-stress yourself. The talented massage therapist at Anchorage Massage Therapy Service can have a truly positive impact on all these problems, with a simple body massage or others type of massage. Get the stress out of your tired mind and body and bring about a relaxed state of mind so that you can go about your daily activities with a smile.

The Scoop on Anchorage Massage Therapy Service

Giving a good massage requires both precise technique, and having a good “feel” for the work. A repertoire of practiced hand work is soothing for the mind and the body. You can get especially good work from a massage therapist who has learned these skills at a qualified massage therapy school. The Arabic word “mass'h”, to press gently, is the root of the word “massage”. Greek, Egyptian, Indian, and Roman medical practice incorporated the massage in ancient days. Massage was a Roman and Greek tool for pain relief offered by doctors. Scientific massage skills have continued down the ages, and at the hands of a trained massage therapist at the Anchorage Massage Therapy Service, these successful treatments are available to you today.

The massage therapist at an Anchorage Massage Therapy Service really knows what they are doing due to their coursework at a reputable massage therapy service. The Anchorage Massage Therapy Service seamlessly weaves together proven and precise methods with their own special instincts. They will take away muscle soreness and restore your mental and emotional balance as well.

Massage is growing more appealing in the high-pressure social conditions of modern life, and may be needed because of pollution and drugs as well. A massage therapy school takes a holistic perspective on addressing health problems, using body massage to center yourself.

Benefits of Massage from the Anchorage Massage Therapy Service

In addition to generally making you feel great, massage has some more measurable benefits. The massage therapist at the Anchorage Massage Therapy Service is also helping more blood to reach your tissues and organs, so that more oxygen and nutrients reach them. Lymph massage may help circulate lymph, which may help you fight off disease.

A soft, calming massage by a talented massage therapist stimulates the release of endorphins, the chemicals in our body that reduce pain. The standard medical establishment is started to recognize this benefit of massage for people healing from illness or injury. Those who suffer from migraine find that a massage can lessen the pain and decrease the need for medication. The qualified massage therapist at the Anchorage Massage Therapy Service can help reduce lower back and neck pain with a massage.

A well-done massage helps you release tension in your muscles, and reduces the release of stress hormones. Massage therapy at the Anchorage Massage Therapy Service can help with arthritis and other types of inflammation. Your posture can also improve from the pain relief and muscle relaxation a massage gives you. It will help you to think more clearly and originally, feel less nervous, and become more conscious of your body and how it affects your mental state.

Varieties of Body Massage Offered at the Anchorage Massage Therapy Service

There are body massage enthusiasts across the planet. Massage therapists have a solid grounding in well-known massage methods.

The Anchorage Massage Therapy Service uses a mix of these scientifically tested ways of doing body massage with their own creative style, helping to make you feel less nervous, improve your focus and recall, sleepy more easily, and just general There are all sorts of options at the Anchorage Massage Therapy Service: back massage, facial and skull massage, massage of the lower extremities or arms/hands, shoulder massage, and massage specially geared towards kids or women who are pregnant.

When you arrive at the Anchorage Massage Therapy Service, your massage therapist will learn about your health history details and general lifestyle to determine which areas you would like to work on. They will find out if anything in particular is bothering you. The massage is done in a room with low noise, and perhaps with music to enhance the calming effect.

The first part of the massage involves wide strokes flowing across the body to lower overall tension. After the body has started to loosen up, they will provide harder and more focused pressure on the most tense areas, such as a knot in your shoulder.

At the end of your massage at the Anchorage massage therapy service, much of the tension you had coming in will be lifted. Many people experience relief from long term pains and aches with scientific massage therapy. If you are looking for some real stress relief, contact your local Anchorage Massage Therapy Service today.


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"These guys really helped my chronic low back pain... I have had a history of back problems for years. I first consulted family doctors for the pain and recieved pain medicines and instructions to rest. Eventually, I was referred to an orthopedic surgeon who ordered an MRI of my back which showed a bulging disc. This caused me to receive three cortisone injections in my spine. The first injection did nothing. The second might have helped slightly for a day or two, and the third injection made me worse and caused me to develop pain in my leg. I was then told that I needed surgery or that I would have to learn to live with the pain. While visiting Anchorage I was foolish enough to let my brother-in-law talk me into helping him lift one end of a snowmobile on to a trailer. I immediately experienced the worst pain of my life. I had back spasms and could not stand. My legs just would not support me. I found out about Anchorage Massage and Myofascial Center here on google and went in for treatment. After about 5-6 myofascial treatments my leg pain abated considerably and I was able to enjoy the rest of my vacation. Its been several months and the pain I have had for years is barely noticable. I cannot say enough good things about these guys. They are professional, billed my insurance, and got the job done...Thanks again.."

Douglas Cancel